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If you type #retailtherapy into Twitter search, trends show female Twitter users are talking about:

  • how much they need retail therapy
  • how much they love it
  • how much better they feel after shopping

Neither Twitter nor Cher Horowitz from Clueless provide enough proof that shopping cures the brain’s ailments. Scientific studies in psychology and marketing departments across the country support the argument that shopping improves moods! However, some academics disagree.

A 2011 study in Psychology and Marketing titled “Retail Therapy: A strategic effort to improve mood” suggests that over 80% of respondents were completely happy after their purchases. Funny enough, PhysOrg told us shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

Just remember when you’re shopping to fill a void:

  1. Shop till you drop, but don’t expect this diversion to solve your problems.
  2. Increasing your spending from store to store may not necessarily make your problems better and better.
  3. Control yourself and don’t be careless, especially if your pocket is hurting in the first place. Buyer’s remorse may set in and make your woes even worse.

Happy shopping! Have fun. Buy yourself a little something, and feel much better.

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